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Birds flap wings, sharks move vehicle fins. Each of these organisms is naturally equipped for forward propulsion using the most efficient system possible against the medium through which it moves. In studying such a perfect model of motion, it's worth pondering whether human engineers can't put these same mechanical concepts to use in the construction of their aircraft machines. One idea worth testing is the incorporation of materials with memory into future design plans.
Memory Materials and Wing or Propeller Construction:
Memory comes into play when one considers the repetitive pattern of wing-flapping or fin propulsion. A  Pro Beats By Dre moving mechanical object can easily mimic this same movement, provided the materials it's manufactured from are light enough and flexible enough. The fin or wing of said movement machine must ideally be designed, as is the muscular-skeletal makeup  Sale Beats By Dr Dre of a bird's wing, to return to normal position when bent. Relative water flows, created current from AUV, or increased back pressure from forward momentum against the artificial fin or wing, would force it back to its position. The forward propulsion of a propeller would cause it to bend out of shape and then it would once again correct itself. Clearly, in order for this to work, the lightness of the machine, the force by which it propels itself, and the density of the wing structure must all be taken into account. The "flying or swimming machine" will inevitably undergo many experiments before optimum physics and ultimate success is achieved.
Memory Materials, Self-Propelling Air/Water Crafts and Energy-Efficiency:
In our hypothetical memory-material model, the propulsion apparatus would wiggle and move forward and thus be less detectable... with less mechanism or springs and therefore less controlling surfaces, less murphyism, less wear and tear and less energy to propel. Thus weight savings-- not that it's a huge issue in water of 8.2 lbs per gallon, but every amount saved is an amount of efficiency.
Materials with memory are nothing new; look at a paper clip, spring, slinky, etc. A nickel titanium stint, when forced, could cycle some 100 times a second if I am not mistaken; and also cause a frequency and electricity. Think of how an electromagnetic pulse might confuse the enemy; and in a small mini UAV, act like a humming bird as it literally hovers to the target. The  addition of a self-activation feature might allow your UAV to fly to the target, hover, send you pictures, GPS coordinates for smart bombing, larger UAVs for Hell Fire Missiles... and then finally drop on the target.
Memory Materials in Achieving an Unpredictable Flight Pattern:
Now let us take this into the contexts of a UAV or flying unit.  Red Beats By Dre The propeller or propulsion system moves the vehicle forward. The horizontal stabilizer, whether a canard or conventional tail, could force the aircraft down or up. The dihedral could have a somewhat memory of the way the grain in material is manufactured, causing it to flap like a bird with a muscle above the wing. The force of the relative wind would cause the wing to bend downward until it sprung back, and thus you have an unpredictable flight pattern. You could have several vehicles flying in a swarm of flock, which were manufactured slightly less or more so they would be nearly impossible to hit. Yes, with the same propulsion output they could fly at similar if not exact speeds since the ups and downs would equal out. The flapping of the wings would reduce the amount of energy needed for sustained flight.
Memory Materials in UAVs:
Memory materials might also be used to build a motor in a UAV that would allow  Beats By Dr Dre Buy water to flow through, such as a diaphragm membrane, which might drive single piston. "Ferromagnetic" memory materials can be shaped for this type of use; for example, manganese or gallium. One might fit small units into capsules that are inserted into a tube and placed inside of a Navy Seal or fighter pilot suit. If one discovered a way to set these capsules to vibrate, the sound would give away their position for extraction or rescue.
Remember the movie Core when they found the craft, which was at the bottom of the ocean near a vent which caused the whales to find it? Polymers have also been used in cars and automobiles like the Saturn where you punch the door and it pops back out. Some polymers can stretch up to 12 times their length, again stretch Armstrong and flex back, whereas metals are not nearly as elastic, but can provide the rigidness and many are conductive of electricity.
An Added Component: Memory Materials as "Fuel in the Wings":
Another thought: include the insides of the wings themselves as part of the fuel. Meaning, the wing would ideally be constructed of a poly plastic that can be converted into engine power at the melting point. In essence, the wings dissolve upon arrival at destination... a problem, yes... but on a single no return mission of a UAV this would be quite acceptable. In the beginning of the flight, the structural integrity to fly in part would be the amount of strength to carry the fuel too. Here, the fuel and the wing are synonymous. The concept of the vehicle "eating itself alive" as it were, is similar to the marathons or ultra marathons I use to run when near the end of the race you were depleted and literally running on guts, body fat and sheer will power.
As the aircraft eats the inside of the wing which is made of a poly type plastic, it is dissolved, thus the aircraft converts this into energy and the weight is decreased meaning it flies even more efficiently. The last leg of the mission is down hill, and it flaps its way in a slow glide to the target or mission end point. The goal line to win a victory point in the overall battle; thus, scoring points against the opponent.
The reason we use the wing is that it can be hollow and it is at the C.G. point. If we take some from the tail then eventually a motor in the rear would deplete itself; however, the weight and balance would be out of check, unless a downward angle of attack and proper speed was continuous. One variation on this theme is to have  Beat By Dre On Sale the engine itself burn up like a Roman candle in the end, providing forward momentum and thrust. Since the chief purpose would be for multiple UAVs on a single mission, this might happen at different times and actually space out the mission and attack sequence. Meaning, the enemy would be under constant fire until the last UAV made its final death blow. This is of value when using UAVs as a diversionary force to keep the enemy occupied.
The wing spars could be made of the same types of plastics that surgeons use to expand heart arteries during operations. We know these techniques work on metal, plastic, carbon fibers, resilient composite, rubber of all types even (stretch Armstrong). We pick the lightest material and go for it. Nickel-titanium stints are also easily adaptable metal, and you would not need much. If you use nickel and poly fibers you could made a battery or find a suitable chemical reaction for fuel or propulsion or even poison gas on impact (forget I said that).
The engine in the rear might be made out of a clay type substance encased in cellophane which, once lit from the rear, would provide the thrust like a small C-65 Estes rocket engine. Once the engine was burned out, it could fall to Earth in cinders with a whistle on it so it made an intimidating sound and another diversion; a dud, or perhaps a small charge.
Other Uses for Memory Materials:
Tesla would enjoy this discussion immensely; he would laugh and come up with 50 other good uses... probably concepts a lot more noble since he was a proponent of strong defense as opposed to strong offense like Von Clauswitz. Nevertheless, the uses for UAVs are of supreme value and maybe in thinner mediums of fluid such as salt water, where the polymers might serve a more useful purpose without succumbing to corrosion over long journeys or long life missions.  Beats By Dre Outlet Another use would be in a fire hose which, if laid on the ground, would wiggle like a snake. Using the basics of fluid dynamics, the snaking hose could function like a pump for long distances. As the flow rate is lost with the increase in distance from the fire hydrant, the flow slows. Consequently, dynamic pressure is reduced as less weight behind the flow becomes available. Lining fire hoses with materials which are memory manufactured will also make the hose easier to roll up for storage.
Material memory manufacturing will solve many future problems of mankind and add a safety cushion to emergency response, civil defense, scientific advancement and offensive military components.
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flip flopDST flip flop shoe sale Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive

Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive
Both Biden and Democratic presidential candidate Obama dicated to kill a Senate amendment that could have diverted federal funding for that bridge to mend a Louisiana span badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina,
flip flop, Senate records show.
And both voted for the final transportation bill that included the $223 million earmark for your Alaska project.
An amendment offered by Sen. Tom Coburn, ROklahoma, would have stripped the bucks appropriated to connect the Alaskan coastal city of Ketchikan towards the airport on sparsely populated Gravina Island and diverted the money to Louisiana.
But Biden andObama and 80 with their colleagues rejected the measure, an amendment into a massive 2005 transportation bill that funded thousands of projects across the country. Watch how Biden has blasted Palin > "That is among the most disturbing element of this along with the campaigning about the Bridge to Nowhere," said Bill Allison with the Sunlight Foundation, a taxpayer watchdog group. "Because, yes, that they to be able to vote specifically against the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska to redirect the amount of money to the people, to bridges and infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Katrina planning to New Orleans, plus they chose never to."
The final version passed the Senate 931. Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who's made his opposition to congressional "porkbarrel" spending a cornerstone of his campaign, would not vote on either the Coburn amendment or the final bill.
Palin, whom McCain chose as his running mate in August, has regaled crowds with the Republican convention as well as on the campaign trail along with her declaration of "Thanks, but no thanks" for the bridge. But her conversion came after she became Alaska's governor in 2006 after the bridge had been a national indication of congressional waste.
The record signifies that she supported the bridge like a gubernatorial candidate, and Democrats have seized for the flipflop, perhaps nobody with all the relish as Biden.
"I got and a bridge I managed to get to sell you here,
flip flop shoe sale, and do you know what, it's in Alaska, also it goes nowhere," Biden mocked Palin for the campaign trail yesterday in Maumee, Ohio. As well as in Canton, Ohio, he tied it to McCain.
"If relative it is John McCain's answers for your economy, and we're in such desperate shape, may be the ultimate bridge to nowhere. It's nowhere," Biden said. "It requires nowhere."
But even though the applause line appealed to the Democratic faithful, it could possibly return to bite the Delaware senator.
This season, Delaware has requested 116 congressional earmarks through Biden, its longtime senator, at a cost to taxpayers of $342 million. In the appearance on CNN's "American Morning" with anchor John Roberts,
http://www.farfield-group.com/Flip-Flop.asp, Biden said that he previously been open about those requests and that they all could be justified.
"Everyone has witnessed them, and that we don't have any Lawrence Welk Museums and still have no bridges to nowhere in Delaware. It's all regulated upright," Biden said.
Among his requests: $1 million for renovation of your opera house in Wilmington, another million for your construction of an children's museum and lots of money to get a water park renovation in Lewes.
"I think opera patrons generally can afford to  you can raise money for an opera house; it is possible to refurbish things a lot of different ways," Allison said.
"To have federal taxpaying dollars  which is originating from people all over the country; lowincome, middleincome people, plus the wealthy  to visit buy the renovation of something can be a luxury for Wilmington . There are many more vital projects that anyone could think of that requires money. You still have medical care. You have education. You still have other types of things. Instead, we're redirecting money to refurbish an opera house in Wilmington as well as to develop a children's museum."
And Biden's request incorporates a bridge that the head of the Rehoboth BeachDewey Beach Chamber of Commerce says just isn't crucial only at that juncture.
The Indian River Inlet Bridge is an important link between two popular beachfront towns: Dewey and Bethany. Without them, the estimated 30,
cheap filp,000 summer visitors would have to travel one more 35 minutes to go to the towns.
"We need to have a new bridge, and we are fortunate being at a place where it's finally going to take place," said Carol Everhart, the principle from the Chamber of Commerce.
The prevailing bridge has some erosion problems, if it ever collapsed, Everhart said, it might cause a monetary disaster in the community. But it's safe for now.
"The bridge, because it is, is perfectly safe," she said.
Still, Biden asked for $13 million to assist shore the existing bridge and begin construction of the an alternative one. Which is what troubles the Foundation's Allison.
"This bridge is not in any danger of collapse, and essentially what Sen. Biden has been doing is saying, 'My state bridge provides the priority dollar while it's not only a priority project,' " Allison said.
As he embarked on his presidential bid in 2007, Obama said he'd not require earmark projects. McCain, who's been a longtime critic with the process, will not seek any for his home state of Arizona.Related articles: